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The cost of printing is a significant portion of expenses for businesses every year – and most don’t know how much they’re truly spending each year. By implementing managed print services, your business can take control of those costs and increase efficiency, with a little help from the experts. 

Monitored Printing

When printing is monitored, the numbers tend to change. Monitored print services include codes for each person who will use the printer so that each person’s printer usage can be tallied. This prevents a lot of unnecessary printing that is all too common in the workplace. It also curbs employees who do not need the printer from using it. This monitoring will reduce unnecessary print jobs and allow for a lower overall rate of printing. This also translates into less total printing costs.

The Cost of Inefficiency

Monitored printing seeks to get rid of any inefficiencies in the system. This includes getting rid of old machines that are slower and that don’t have many useful features. By having a smaller, slimmer printer fleet, the office can be made more efficient for everyone. When older, inefficient machines are used, time gets wasted as the print runs take longer. It also means that more power is used for these less-eco-friendly machines. Inefficiency also costs in terms of lost productivity as workers have to spend more time with inefficient printers.

A Better System

Overall, having managed print services is a better system than going it alone. When you stack up the cost savings and the waste that is no longer generated, having managed services makes much better sense. It can shorten workflows and cuts several different costs. When newer, more energy-efficient machines are used, which also generate less heat, the power bill will be lower as well as the cost of supplies with the new, more efficient system. With less unnecessary printing going on, the cost of paper and ink goes down as less of each is used.  

If you want your office to run more efficiently, and your printing costs to be lower, contact us today to find out how to get started. We can make your printing easier, more streamlined, and get rid of the unnecessary waste. 

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