Finding the Perfect Managed Print Services Provider


If your company is interested in managed print services, it’s time to find the right provider for your business’ needs. The services that are provided should be ones that highly benefit your company and give you lower printing costs overall. 

Understanding Your Printers

The company that you choose for managed print services should be one that understands a wide range of printers. They should know how to maintain and repair the newest printers on the market as well as older models that you have. A wide range of printer knowledge comes in handy for most printer fleets. 

Employee Printer Usage

If you don’t know who is using the printer or why you are in good company. When a company doesn’t hold workers accountable for their printer usage, they often print without a good reason. They may get into the habit of printing things just to have hard copies of them. This habit can be changed with the introduction of employee usage tallying. This shows you exactly who has used the printer and how much they are printing. If anyone seems to be printing too often, they can modify their behavior and start to think twice before printing. This is where some of your savings on printing costs come in. Finding a managed print provider that includes these services is needed.

Keeping Supplies Stocked

Have you ever had a printer become unusable for a while because you aren’t sure what kind of ink cartridge it takes? This is a common scenario that no longer has to happen. You can avoid printers running out of ink by keeping the right ink stocked with managed print services. With these services, the printers are monitored for when they begin to become low on ink or paper. That’s when the right supplies are ordered for you so that no one from your office has to take their time to do it. With these services, it’s a system that runs without any employee losing their productivity to the printers and their needs. 

Getting Maintenance

With regular maintenance being done to your printer fleet, you can expect it to need repairs less often. With each machine being maintained as needed, small problems can be caught before they turn into big ones. This saves you money on repair costs for each machine. And when you do need repairs, you will already have a printer contract, so the cost for each repair is lower.

If you want a way to pay less for printing and printer repairs and maintenance, contact us today to find out more about our managed print services. 

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