Your Guide to Getting Started with Managed Print Services


When you sign up for managed print services, there are several services that are all wrapped up in that package. The end goal is to let you get more control over the printing that is done in the office and for you to pay less for every printed page.

Your Initial Assessment

The first step is to have a full assessment done on your existing printer fleet. This is where you will get a lot of recommendations for things to change about your fleet. There may be older models in your fleet that should be replaced with newer ones for better speed and a better level of energy efficiency. You may want to choose new printers to replace older ones to keep the whole fleet working well. You may also need maintenance done on the existing printers.

A Look at Safety

Today, printer safety is a bigger concern than ever. Printers run data streams to and from them, just like computers and mobile devices do. This necessitates layers of security for your printers. The security methods used by each printer will be checked to make sure that the printers each have the level of security they need to prevent anyone from hacking into their data streams. 

Tallied Printer Usage

Another important part of managed print services is the tallying of each employee’s printer usage. When there is no accountability for using the printers, the amount of printing done often skyrockets. To prevent unnecessary printing, these tallies will show you exactly who is printing and how much they are doing so. This brings down your overall print volume and often leads to lower printing costs for your company. Accountability is a powerful modifier of employer behavior.

Stocking the Ink and Paper

Having a printer that is down due to being out of paper, ink, or both is a common occurrence in many offices. However, this printer downtime leads to employee downtime as they have to wait around for the printers to be functional again. That’s why restocking ink and paper are a part of managed print services. This means no waiting around and better employee productivity.

Managed Print Services

If your company wants to pay less for its printing, contact us today to find out more about these services and what they can do for your company. It can result in more security for your documents, better productivity, lower costs, and more. 

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