Prioritize Document Security with Managed Print Services

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Most companies that enter into a Managed Print Services engagement are looking for reduced costs, improved print-related workflows, and better-performing equipment with fewer downtimes, the service rarely disappoints. Now with ongoing threats to network and information security, expanding MPS offerings to include print security is is a common practice. Here’s how your company can achieve enhanced print security with Managed Print Services.

1. Security audits

Want to know what’s going on with your printer fleet behind the scenes? Managed Print Services can utilize software to scan your printer fleet for network vulnerabilities. If anything is amiss, including firmware updates and potential threats, Managed Print Services technicians can address the issue before it has a chance to cause any problems.

2. Control and reporting

Authentications don’t just keep your staff from printing unnecessary pages like emails, websites, and documents destined for personal use; they can also protect your network from intrusions by requiring authentication to access your networked printers and multifunction systems.

3. Mobile printing

BYOD employees and remote workers can deliver new efficiencies to your organization, but not if they can’t print without fear of security issues. Managed Print Services provide mobile printing solutions designed to locate printers, then allow users to send documents to their selected location without causing security issues.

4. Secure pull printing

You may not realize it, but sensitive documents left unattended in print trays can put your company at risk of hefty fines. Without a pull printing solution requiring authentication at the device, users can print sensitive information and delay retrieving it until later. In the meantime, anyone can view, pick up, or even snap a picture and walk off with protected information.

Xerox Managed Print Services provides a variety of solutions to protect your sensitive data. Contact us at Indiana Business Solutions to find out more today!

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