Reduce Frustrations and High Costs with Managed Print


Print environments can easily cost your business thousands each year, and without oversight, those reminders to use less paper may go mostly unheeded.

Managed Print Services can improve your success ratio by reining in print volumes and other print-related issues with solutions that are proven to work. Here’s how they approach three common problems.

The Managed Print Approach

Beginning with the problem of paper, let’s take a look at three ways Managed Print Services can help your organization avoid the common pitfalls of an unmanaged print environment.

1. High print volumes

Without measures in place to help them, employees can unknowingly rack up print volumes as high as 10,000 copies per year. Even worse, up to 40% of those documents are temporary, and end up in recycling bins or trash cans by day’s end. Managed Print Services teams can assess your current usage and put solutions in place to automatically reduce print volumes. Reducing unnecessary and wasteful printing is better for your bottom line, and it’s better for the environment, too.

2. Printer maintenance

Device downtime, error codes, empty printer toner cartridges, paper jams—no one has time, and yet nearly everyone’s forced to find some, whether it’s convenient or not. Managed Print Services takes over the daily maintenance of your imaging equipment, putting the above issues into the hands of highly-qualified experts.

3. Print security

Print-related security breaches can be avoided with the right solutions in place. User authentications, hard drive encryption and pull printing solutions can keep hackers from accessing your sensitive information. A Managed Print Services assessment can reveal any print-related entry points that could allow criminals access to your network and your data.

Find out how Managed Print Services can reduce high print volumes, device downtimes, and security vulnerabilities throughout your organization. Contact us at Indiana Business Solutions to learn more today!

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