How Managed Print Providers Reduce Costs


Ever wonder how managed print providers deliver savings up to 30% off organizational printing costs? Read on to find out where your print spend is going, and how MPS experts get it back under control.

Unclaimed print jobs — Did you know that two out of every ten print jobs are left abandoned in print trays? Managed print helps reduce the problem of unclaimed print jobs on several fronts.

  • Rules and policies give employees established guidelines to follow
  • Print tracking allows managers to keep tabs on print volumes to reduce unnecessary printing
  • *Pull printing requires authentication at the device to release documents

Printing waste — Managed print programs include solutions to drastically reduce waste. Some of the more efficient automatically route documents to the most cost-effective device and print preview features on multifunction printer interfaces help to reduce printing errors. Others include automatic duplexing to reduce paper consumption by an average of 40%, and solutions to delete jobs when the wrong paper size has been selected.

Fleet management — An unmanaged printer fleet is costly, and many companies don’t have the resources to stay on top of daily tasks. Managed print removes the burden from your staff and improves the way your fleet services your team.

  • Monitoring lets managed print providers know when a device requires maintenance.
  • Routine maintenance keep your equipment operating according to factory specifications.
  • Alerts send industry-trained technicians to your location whenever issues arise requiring on-site repairs.
  • With a team of experts ready to address print-related issues, your IT team and other personnel can focus on core responsibilities

Supply management — Supply management is more time consuming than it appears. Eliminate administrative headaches, unexpected shortages, and excess inventories by outsourcing supply ordering to managed print providers.

To find out how your company could benefit from Xerox Managed Print Services, get in touch with us at Indiana Business Solutions today.

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