Keeping Your Remote Workforce Secure


More people than ever are working remotely, and that means that cybersecurity concerns are valid far beyond the office’s doors. IT security is needed for every part of the company’s computer network, and this can include the personal devices of workers.

Security Practices

With so many people now working from home because of COVID-19, there are many people using their personal devices from home. This is a great option from a financial standpoint, but it can be a tricky one when it comes to security. Employees need to understand that the devices they use should be secured just as if they were using company machines in the office. There should be adequate security on each device that will allow it to avoid cyberthieves and keep private data secured.

Using the Cloud

No matter where your workers are working, they can engage in cloud computing when your architecture is built for it. The cloud is scalable and budget-friendly, and it’s known as one of the safest forms of computing. IT security is easier for a workforce that is working remotely when they all interact with the cloud rather than with hardware and software that doesn’t connect to it. And because the cloud allows for so much storage, there is never a reason to file documents elsewhere where they could be lost. Using the cloud allows everyone to access what they need to no matter where they are.

Put Policies in Place

If your company doesn’t have a main security policy, it’s time to get one. And if it does have one in place, it’s time to ensure that workers understand that it covers the work they do from home. Training in how to avoid phishing schemes, how to keep their computers free from viruses and other routine IT security measures should be in place for workers. It’s also important to ensure that the Wi-Fi network each worker is using is a secure one. 

Working remotely is necessary sometimes, but it always has to be secure. If you need better IT security for your remote workforce, contact us today to find out more. 

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