5 Ways to Ensure Online Security When Working Remote


The modern office has changed substantially in the last few months and even weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic and the surge in remote working around the world. The quick shift to remote work has changed the habits of employees, companies, customers, and society, making remote work much more possible but also a target for cyber attacks.

Working remotely doesn’t mean that common office problems like security and data protection can be forgotten. Remote employees still need to take action to protect data and information, and employers must address issues as they arise.

Here are some additional tips around online security for remote teams.

Remote Work is the Future

Businesses must recognize that remote work is quite possibly here to stay. Most companies aren’t going back to entirely onsite operations any time soon if they do at all.

Even if companies return to onsite operations, many employees will continue to work at least part of the time remotely, if not more. Establishing a secure offsite office has become a significant priority for almost every company in America.

To help with this surge in interest, Indiana Business Solutions has five ways to ensure your online data can be secured while your teams work remotely.

Five Ways to Protect Your Business

  1. Stay in touch

    Ensure that teams are in contact so that supervisors can remind employees about security, risk mitigation, and other measures regularly during meetings.

  2. Build on current security

    You don’t have to reinvent the wheel – use your current security processes and software that is working and leverage it for a remote workforce.

  3. Establish long term protections

    Be sure that you are not just looking for short term solutions – since remote working may be around for a while, take a little extra time to make sure it’s done right so the investment will last.

  4. Outsource to professionals

    Don’t try to take on a whole new challenge alone – invest in a team of experts to help or oversee the whole process so that you can continue working and building your business no matter what comes your way.

  5. Keep software updated

    Outdated software or patches is one way that risk can be elevated for workers, primarily offsite. Stay on top of the operating platforms to address issues before they become bigger.

Stay Connected with Solid Protection

Your business needs the right online security protection to stay on top of potential risks, spam, data theft, and more. To get the right protections, you’ll want to talk to a team of professionals and build your system with their guidance. The experts at Indiana Business Solutions are here for you – let’s talk.

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