IT Security for Your Remote Work


Governments worldwide have shifted to remote work, if not entirely, then at least partially in response to the Coronavirus. It didn’t take long to realize that this may be more than a temporary shift, as workers prefer to be remote, businesses save money, and teams find increased productivity.

However, moving the workplace offsite does not secure data, information, files, or other materials from thieves and hackers. In 2019, almost 40% of businesses had some type of security breach due to remote or mobile access, which could skyrocket in 2020.

Therefore, investing in security for your remote teams will protect your business in the long run, even if they are coming back to the office part-time at some point.

New Ways to Protect Remote Workers

How can companies protect remote workers? The first step is to have a clear security policy that addresses both hard copy and digital documents. Then, offices should consider securing hard copy storage – both onsite and offsite – and encrypting electronic data.

Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

Preventing cybersecurity incidents is the best way to avoid them, and tools like encryption, password protection, and restricted access can have the biggest impact on controlling who can access files. The more limited access, the better, so that teams have fewer points of vulnerability.

Companies should consider doing a brief training with employees about remote work security. This may include how to secure their computer, files, communications, documents, and more. Doing a quick overview of how to keep company information and employee data protected will make a big difference in how employees address security.

Update Your IT Security

Investing in high level IT security for your team is a critical part of transitioning to a remote workforce, whether it’s part-time or full time. Get in touch with the team at Indiana Business Solutions to lock down your security plan and protect your data.

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