How to Work from Home Securely


Working from home may have become the new normal quickly, but that doesn’t mean that all the security processes and procedures were in place to make it safe. While some businesses could adapt quickly, some companies were under attack before they could even implement additional security.

What can your company do to ensure that employees working from home can protect their data, equipment, information, and networks?

First of all, make sure that your technology and security partner is on board with you – like the team is at Indiana Business Solutions. Next, follow a few tips below and stay in touch with your professional team to seal any cracks in your digital security.

Key Tips for WFH Security

Working from home does have its security practices, but they aren’t hard to learn. It is different from working in the office and requires thinking about security breaches, risks, and hazards a little differently. That’s where the team from Indiana Business Solutions can help set your team up for success with IT security and managed services.

Here are a few of the key security tips for working from home to start thinking about.

  • Stick to private wifi connections
  • Encrypt sensitive emails
  • Invest in locks and passwords
  • Use work devices only

Stay Ahead of Scams and Breaches

Watching out for scams and breaches also requires some active work from employees. Remind your teams to be careful about phishing emails, scams, and other fake information. Verify any sources and links before clicking on anything – security is still essential to ongoing business operations. IT security is still an essential priority across the board for all employees, no matter where they are located.

Talk to the Pros

The expert team at Indiana Business Solutions is ready to help you secure your business data, no matter what comes your way. No one could foresee a global pandemic, and it reminded businesses that anything could happen. Now is the time to stay ahead of data security and digital protection – let’s talk today.

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