Cutting Costs With Managed Print Services


The cost of printing in the office always seems to be rising. With the enormous number of documents that businesses need to print, this cost can quickly get out of control. Managed print services are one way to control costs and keep them firmly under control.

Controlling the Numbers

Part of the reason that office printing costs can get so high is that there are few controls on who can use the printers and how often they can do so. It’s common for people to print out personal papers at work. It’s also common to make copies of items that don’t need to have hard copies made at all. With the monitoring that comes with managed print services, printing volume and frequency is easy to see, and employees are encouraged not to print more than is needed.

Ordering Supplies

When it comes time to restock the printer, it’s easy to buy the wrong supplies. It’s also easy to buy too many of them and have them go to waste. The stocking portion of managed print services eliminates both of these scenarios. The service monitors the printers and orders the right supplies the first time, and it doesn’t buy those supplies in enormous bulk. Printer ink expires, and old paper can damage printers. With automatic restocking orders, your office will not have to use either.

Increased Productivity

In the end, one of the biggest ways that managed print services can save your business money is by eliminating unnecessary breaks in productivity. Because printer usage is lowered, employees don’t have to wait as long to use the printer. And because maintenance is performed on each machine as needed, the machines don’t break as often. This eliminates the downtime that can completely eat into productivity over time. All of the time lost can instead be put back into getting the job done and moving on to new tasks.

If your company wants to cut costs, contact us today about our managed print services, and find out what they can do for your business and its budget.

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