Simple Tips for Copier Care


Copiers are hardworking, reliable, and innovative, but they can’t do it all alone. Even the most advanced copier needs a little TLC from you–so sit back, relax, and brush up on some simple techniques for showing your copier the love it deserves!

Why Worry About Maintenance?

The simple truth is that multifunction copiers, no matter how strong and advanced they might be, are still just machines. They’re nothing without you there to support and protect them. Of course, they’re also a big investment–which means that a little pain-free maintenance now can save you headaches (and dollars) in the future. A well-maintained machine will last longer, perform better, and cause fewer problems in your workflows–so suffice it to say that a little TLC is well worth it.

Where to Begin

Here are a few simple tips for copier care that you can start on today!

#1: Start at the top.

A low-quality machine isn’t going to perform well no matter how much time, effort, and energy you put into it. Save yourself the hassle and choose a device that will last far into the future.

#2: Use the right consumables.

You’d be surprised how much of impact low-quality consumables can have on your machine. To avoid wear and tear (and even bigger issues, like breaks and malfunctions), always use the high-quality paper, ink, and toner your user manual recommends.

#3: Make sure everyone helps out.

Copiers are used by just about everyone, which means that it’s everyone’s responsibility to take care of them. Come up with a list of copier rules, create signs or posters with instructions for proper use, and get employees involved with simple maintenance techniques.

Are you looking for more ways to get the most out of your copiers? We’re here to help. Contact us today!

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