Is it Time to Try Managed IT Services?

managed services

Are you overwhelmed by IT issues? Would you like to spend more time running your business and less time putting out IT fires? Read on to find out how and when to seek help.

When It’s Not Working

Security threats are no small matter, but sometimes your solutions don’t seem to be helping.

1. Overwhelmed much?

You’re tired of splitting your time between growing your business and addressing IT problems for your employees. Growth is a good thing, but if rapid expansion has you moonlighting as your own IT expert, maybe it’s time to get some help.

2. Your IT person could use a little help.

You hired a talented IT person when you launched your business, but funds are tight. Without the resources to send your technician to ongoing training classes, there’s a general feeling that things aren’t entirely as they should be. You probably need another onsite technician, but hiring another team member isn’t in the budget. Still, you’re pretty sure your technician could use some additional help.

3. Your outsourcing solution isn’t cutting it.

You’ve engaged a Managed IT Services company to help ease the burden, but problems still exist. They don’t seem to have a handle on your situation, and issues continue to present themselves on a regular basis. You’re spending a lot of time seeking them out, but you expected a more proactive approach.

The Managed Services Solution

What’s your situation? Would you like to get back to taking care of the business you love? Would you like to give your onsite IT person some help to round out his skill set? Are you ready to seek a better outsourced solution?

No matter your current situation, Managed IT and other Managed Services can provide the solution you need, once and for all. Contact us at Indiana Business Solutions to start a conversation today!

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