Managed Services Benefits for Startups and Their Customers

managed services

Managed services can provide some much-needed benefits for today’s businesses. Here’s how both new businesses and their customers can benefit from a document management solution.

Benefits for new businesses

Startups are in a unique position to benefit from paperless document management systems. While established businesses may be faced with interrupting current processes to implement a new system, a new company has none of these issues. The benefits of beginning business with a document management system in place include:

  • Training employees to use electronic document management from the beginning eliminates the need for learning new systems.
  • By beginning with paperless workflows, startups aren’t faced with backlogs of hard copies to scan.
  • Startups can engage customers across town or the world with the same ease.

Benefits for customers

Digital invoicing and purchasing: Today’s customers are beginning to become more comfortable with paperless processes, and millennials, in particular, prefer digital over paper transactions.

Some of your customers may have never used a paper checkbook, preferring instead to make all of their transactions online. Many customers may even be annoyed by paper invoicing and prefer to give their business to companies with the most streamlined digital purchasing and billing process.

Businesses who use a document management system are in the best position to offer their clients electronic invoicing and payment processes.

Improved customer service: Making a customer wait is never a good idea, and when your managed services engagement includes a document management solution, waiting is unnecessary. With a document management solution your company can:

  • Locate files in just a few seconds with a keyword search.
  • Archive your files in cloud storage repositories so even transactions and projects from years ago are still accessible in a few moment’s time.
  • Protect confidential customer information from theft or loss.

To learn more about the benefits of managed services, contact us at Indiana Business Solutions today.

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