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The office copier has gotten a bad rap over the years, mostly due to employee frustration when trying to operate them. Thanks to Xerox solutions, that’s no longer the case, and the office copier can become one of your most valuable team members. What are used to in your office?

Get Used to Better

If you’ve been used to copiers that regularly frustrate your team, it’s time to get used to something a whole lot better. Here’s how Xerox copiers are changing the way people work—for the better.

1. Get used to intuitive touchscreen functionality.

You love the touchscreen on your smartphone and tablet. With intelligent responses to your input, intuitive touchscreen interfaces have made both life and work much easier to navigate. Xerox has leveraged the ease of touchscreen technology and made it available on their copiers and printers. Your team can expect:

  • Simplified tasks due to intuitive touchscreen responses.
  • Customization features to automate your repetitive processes.
  • Critical controls help users with scrolling and swiping for easy setting changes and confirmations.

2. Get used to cloud printing.

Xerox solutions like ConnectKey technology gives users secure access to documents no matter where they’re working. Users can safely transfer confidential information via document scanning without fear of interception and print on the Xerox printer at the home office. For further security, only authorized users can complete the printing process using Xerox Secure Print, an ID card, and a passcode for authentication.

3. Get used to electronic documents.

Xerox solutions won’t let you down when it comes to digitizing your content. ConnectKey multifunction printers let users scan documents and quickly convert them to digitized images. Electronic documents can be stored in cloud-based storage repositories and document management systems for fast, secure retrieval, editing, sharing, and more.

Are you ready to get used to better with Xerox Solutions? Contact us at Indiana Business Solutions to find out more today!

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