Achieving Staff Buy-In with New Technologies

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If you were greeted with a collective groan the last time you announced a new technology for your workplace, we’re not surprised. Your employees may feel as if they’ve just gotten comfortable with your last technology acquisition, and process disruptions are rarely greeting with enthusiasm.

Even so, waiting too long to upgrade can have some serious consequences for your company, including security vulnerabilities and trouble competing in an increasingly tech-driven marketplace.

If you’re about to introduce new Xerox technology solutions into your workplace, here are a few tips for getting your team to sign on with a minimum of groaning.

1. Give plenty of notice. Disruptions are rarely welcome news, and they’re even worse when there’s no time to get used to the idea. By giving employees plenty of notice, they’ll have time to get fully trained and plan for the inevitable hiccups that often accompany new processes. It’s also a good idea to introduce new technologies during slow periods instead of during peak busy seasons.

2. Let your staff help choose new technologies. Your employees know better than anyone what your processes require, and they’ll have plenty of suggestions for improvement. By allowing them to investigate and analyze the options, you’ll achieve much better buy-in when the time comes to make a final decision. Respecting their suggestions and involving them in the decision-making process shows you care about them and not just your bottom line.

3. Stay with what’s already working. Xerox solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing Xerox copiers and document management systems. Instead of reinventing the wheel, choose solutions that work with what’s already familiar to your team.

Xerox Small Business Solutions can help motivate your staff and improve productivity across your organization. Get in touch with us at Indiana Business Solutions to find out more today!

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