Xerox Productivity Packs Available in 2017


Dec 13, 2016

Xerox Productivity Packs will help small and medium businesses (SMB) digitize more of their work processes and cut down on paper processes.  Digitizing your processes can save both time and money and these solutions are easier and closer to you then you may know.

The Productivity Packs for the Xerox ConnectKey® i-series multifunction printers may very well be the answer you have been looking for or the answer you did not know existed.  These packs are easy to use and can be customized to your industry.

The Xerox Productivity Packs are a pre-packaged collection of ready to use applications (apps) that can be tailored toward your company’s area of expertise for example, education, finance, healthcare and general office. The goal of the apps is to move you away from error prone, time and paper intensive processes by creating quick and efficient digital workflows. Each pack contains five workflow apps specific to your type of business.  No complicated software engineering or extensive training is needed to successfully use the apps. Most of the apps have support pages and support questions concerning the apps can also be asked on the app boards on the Xerox Community Support Forum.

Already available in Europe, the Xerox Productivity Packs will be available in the U.S. and Canada the first quarter on 2017 for ConnectKey® i-series multifunction printers.  So start looking at the paper processes you currently have and see which workflow could be upgraded to digital processes.  It is your business’s time and money you will be saving.

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