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Organizations of all sizes continue to be pressured to embrace digital transformation. Respondents to a recent Xerox survey predicted that only nine percent of key business operation processes will run on paper in the next two years. But where will that leave paper-laden industries like healthcare and accounting?

By transitioning from analog processes to digital technology, organizations in healthcare, accounting and more can improve the security of sensitive data, make it easier to search for and retrieve information, and boost productivity. Other benefits of an integrated document management strategy include customer satisfaction, adding a competitive advantage to your organization and reduced costs.

Targeting document and data workflows is the first place to start in the transition to digital – and it all begins with a scan. Scanning and printing technology continues to be core to an organization’s digital journey and investing in the best hardware and software will set your organization up for success. By unlocking the data trapped on paper, an organization can streamline workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity and a stronger bottom line.

Award-Winning Tools for Transformation

The high-performing line of Xerox® DocuMate® Scanners, provide robust features with one touch ease of operation. The flagship Xerox DocuMate 4799 was just named High Volume Imaging Product of the Year by the leading European publication Document Manager Magazine’s annual reader-nominated awards. The DocuMate 4799’s versatility, high speed and superior reliability make it a popular scanner for demanding office environments of any size.

Workplace mobility goes hand-in-hand with digital transformation. As millennials join and begin to take over the workplace, mobility is a key issue for organizations and employees need to be empowered to be productive with technology wherever work takes them – on the road, in a coffee shop or at a customer. Mobile scanning solutions help sales people, real estate agents and others working outside the four walls of an office keep work and information flowing through an organization. The Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner is the perfect tool to enable the mobile workforce. The portable scanner allows workers to scan in documents and route them to specific people or departments, ultimately digitizing the workflow from the beginning. The Xerox Duplex Travel Scanner was also named a runner-up in the Mobile Capture Product of the Year category at the Document Manager Awards.

To be recognized for our superior products and solutions year after year is very rewarding and it’s great to see our customers agree. Scanning and printing technologies are key to helping organizations start the digitization process. As digital trends continue to develop and evolve, these tools will become even more important to ensure organizations have laid the groundwork to go digital over the next few years.

Learn more about the full range of Xerox scanners that are perfect for every organization, from at home offices and small businesses to enterprise organizations and worldwide operations.

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