How To: Why Web Capture from Xerox is an Offering Every Customer Needs to Streamline their Office Processes


Document Technology – specifically print –is one of the most established industries with a story of innovation that is as long as the history itself. Nowhere is that truer than at Xerox where innovation is core to the company’s belief system.

These advancements have created new opportunities for innovation, particularly for small and medium businesses (SMBs) who are rapidly adopting cloud computing, mobility, and digital workflow technologies in the ongoing pursuit of efficiency and cost control.  Shifts to digitization, collaborative work and the pursuit of worker productivity have raised the bar again for office technologies, and in particular, document capture.

In a survey of 1,021 SMBs on two continents, Xerox heard directly from small and mid-size companies, who indicated that current capture applications are too expensive, complex and cumbersome. Web Capture service is a game changer for small and mid-size businesses that use cloud-based applications and work processes for their business output. It dramatically simplifies document scans for users of virtually any web application, making for better workflows – which lead to greater productivity.

The Solution

Once again Xerox has risen to the challenge, this time with Xerox Web Capture Service, the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering to simplify document capture by connecting directly with any web based application.  Through a simple browser plug-in, users can integrate scanned documents directly into business applications such as Google Drive, Quickbooks, Concur and many more.  Since Web Capture is deployed through the cloud and works with any brand of device, it unleashes the power of today’s scanning technology without what we can now can consider the antiquated process of installing desktop or server software.

Web Capture cuts both cost and steps, reducing a complex process to one that is marvelously simple – and very appealing to customers. Always keeping the needs of Channel Partners in mind, Xerox Web Capture Service provides an online system that helps partners with everything from customer acquisition, management and analytics, making it easier for partners to put Web Capture in their customer’s hands. The Web Capture Toolkit empowers partners to pair their knowledge of the customer with their professional services capabilities to create a fully integrated experiences to help their customers transform the way they work.

Key Components

There is no doubt that Xerox Web Capture Service is a first-of-its-kind breakthrough service. It is not only innovative but has the potential to deliver completely new experiences and work processes for SMBs in today’s cloud-centric business environment.  Web Capture simplifies the process of document management by triggering scanning automatically via an easy to use browser plug-in. It also goes a step further, making it easier to scan multiple files thanks to the ‘follow-me’ scan repository.

Eliminating steps not only improves productivity immediately by cutting the time it takes to go from scanning to working; it also reduces the risk of errors. By skipping complicated and numerous naming and storing steps, you won’t have to worry that you’ve uploaded the wrong document, and it’s much less likely that important files will go missing. It’s a more efficient and more reliable workflow, one whose benefits multiply with every employee you have.

This breakthrough solution from Xerox works with a wide range of ubiquitous business applications, including:

  • Microsoft® Office 365™
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft® SharePoint™
  • G Suite (Google Apps)
  • QuickBooks™ Online
  • Dropbox™
  • Concur
  • Slack
  • Workday
  • SAP® Business One

The Upshot

Imagine being able to provide a client with solutions that can simplify some of their most common workflow challenges. That is exactly what Web Capture does by helping them go from scanning to app in just three simple steps. No more complicated naming conventions. Quite a few less steps. Far less risk of human error. Best of all, it’s incredibly easy to understand, set up and implement, so there is no lengthy learning curve. With a few simple clicks, drags and drops, your customers can cut their scanning time in half – and double their appreciation for you.

For partners, there are tools with extensive capabilities to identify future markets, create demand and analyze marketing effectiveness. These tools can help partners find the right customers for the product, and make sure the message of dramatically simplified document scanning is hitting their audience – and that it resonates.

Read on to learn more about Web Capture and how it can improve workflows for your customers.

Contact your Xerox account manager, or review the Xerox Global Partner Program and apply to become a Xerox channel partner today, to find out how we will help grow your business.

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