Find Information In Seconds (Not Hours) with the Xerox DocuMate 3120


PLEASANTON, Calif. — Xerox (NYSE: XRX) today announced the Xerox DocuMate® 3120 document scanner. This affordable scanner can instantly digitize up to 20 double sided documents, receipts, and plastic cards in one minute. Once converted, the digital information can be securely saved as searchable PDF files on your computer or in the cloud; ready to be found easily when needed.

Ideal for anyone who regularly needs to gather information from documents, the Xerox DocuMate 3120 can find what you are looking for in seconds, not hours. In research firm IDC’s report, The High Cost of Not Finding Information, they estimate that the typical knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours or roughly 30 percent of the work day, searching for information.

“The hours spent hunting for a lost document can cost your business thousands of dollars and result in lost opportunities,” said John Capurso, president and CEO at Visioneer, a Xerox licensing partner. “I recently electronically searched more than 100 scanned pages of contracts in less than five minutes to find a specific clause,” he said. “The scanner saved me hours of scouring paper documents, and with the information quickly in hand I was able to make a good business decision.”

Do More with Your Paper

The DocuMate 3120 includes a 50-page automatic document feeder with a straight paper path that allows users to scan both sides of a page or plastic card at the same time without bending. The included optical character recognition software turns documents into digital files with editable text, not just an image of the page. So information that was once trapped on paper, can now be searched, organized and shared. Built-in Visioneer OneTouch file technology enables users to preconfigure shortcuts for multi-step, routine jobs and can route scanned images directly to their favorite cloud application.

“Trying to eliminate paper from daily work can be a tedious task and more people than ever are using scanning solutions to tackle it,” said Jon Harju, chief technology officer at Visioneer, a Xerox licensing partner. “Making a great product that is affordable and simple to use is not easy. A considerable amount of technology and development is necessary, but it is time well spent to ensure that our customers have a solution that they will enjoy using.”

Real World Documents Are Never a Problem

Everyday documents such as bank statements, bills, embossed cards, highlighted notes, folded receipts and multi-part forms that can be a challenge to photocopy are easily scanned in color or black and white. The DocuMate 3120 includes Visioneer Acuity file technology to produce clear and sharp scans. It automatically adjusts the visual clarity of every scanned image by improving character legibility, straightening pages and removing shadows from scanned images. Images can then be saved in one of many popular file formats including PDF, DOC, TIFF, and JPG. The scanner’s included TWAIN, WIA and ISIS drivers ensures that images can be sent to nearly any corporate document management software.

Pricing and Availability

The Xerox DocuMate 3120 is priced at $379, and is available in the Americas and EMEA through online channel partners, VARs and major resellers now. It will be available internationally on October 1, 2014.  

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