Empower your On-the-Go Workers with Mobile Document Scanning Technology


The mobile worker is an essential part of every small business. Outside the four walls of the office, employees must be able to access, store and send business-critical information to keep business moving. If they can’t, they are forced to wait until they get back to the office to scan in documents and route them to the correct employees and departments. This outdated process opens companies up to a variety of threats and inefficiencies, as many documents are lost, forgotten about, or damaged, which can bring business processes to a halt and inhibit good customer service. Therefore, it’s critical for employers to equip on-the-go workers with the proper technology to minimize that risk and boost overall productivity in the field.

Scanning On-the-Go

Supporting employees not only in the office, but when they are in the field ensures they stay productive, continue to foster relationships with current customers, and develop and grow their network of new clients to grow business. While many organizations fully support the rise of the mobile workforce by instituting telecommuting policies, many forget to arm their employees with the proper technology they need to succeed.

When a worker’s office is a coffee shop, car, plane or a customer’s office, it’s important to give them mobile tools – like mobile scanners – that can easily travel with and fit in a computer bag or briefcase. USB-powered devices like the Xerox® Duplex Travel Scanner allows workers to scan documents virtually anywhere, leading to instant collaboration with office-based workers.

Award-Winning Mobile Scanning Technology

The Xerox® Duplex Travel Scanner recently won “Outstanding Mobile Scanner for Business” in BLI’s Winter 2017 Pick Awards.

“The Xerox® Duplex Travel Scanner is an excellent mobile scanning solution for businesses with employees in the field,” said Jamie Bsales, Director, Office Workflow Solutions Analysis at BLI. “The device is USB-powered, which enables users to convert hardcopy documents to searchable PDF files wherever they and their laptop happen to be. And the device enhances collaborative processes thanks to the ability to scan to email, cloud services, network folders, Microsoft SharePoint, and other platforms.”

Providing workers with the right equipment can greatly enhance performance on-the-road to impact how fast business gets done and ultimately improve the bottom line. Workers will be able to process new client information quicker, which streamlines processes to ensure the information gets into the system faster and routed to specific departments for processing, satisfying the needs of customers and colleagues back at the office.

Learn more about the full range of Xerox scanners that are perfect for every type of worker, no matter if they are working from home or in the field.

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