What’s Your Office Equipment Situation?


Choosing the right office equipment is as critical to your success as finding the right location. Value is a top priority, but the right features are just as important.

A few basic tips can help your team decide which office equipment provider and systems you should lease or purchase. Here’s what we recommend.

1. Survey your team.

The staff members who use your Xerox copiers and printers every workday will appreciate being included in your decision. They know where the bottlenecks hideout, and they’ll have a fairly good idea what improvements they’d like to see. Do they need a new multifunction copier to convert paper processes to digital workflows? Would a dedicated scanner make it faster and easier to digitize the archived files in your storage area? Does your marketing team need access to color laser printers? You’ll be surprised how helpful your staff can be when appraising your current office equipment needs.

2. Find out where you stand.

If you’ve never requested a Managed Print Services assessment, the process can be a real eye-opener. An unmanaged print environment is often top-heavy with outdated equipment, redundant devices, and high cost-per-page desktop printers that drive up costs. If you’re unsure of your print volumes and expenses, you may be unable to choose the right systems to match your demand. Managed Print Services experts can pinpoint problems, provide solutions, and save your company as much as 30% off your current print spend.

3. Look around for the best provider.

The best office equipment is only second best if there’s no support behind the hardware. Look for an equipment provider offering a total satisfaction guarantee, top-tier technology partnerships, and a service record to back up their claims.

Ready for an office equipment demonstration? Get in touch with us at Indiana Business Solutions to learn more today!

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